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What's Inside Dash Into Learning
  •  Mini Lesson - Each book begins with a 1 page mini lesson to help your child master the words and sounds that will appear in the rest of the story. The innovative "Blending Path" will teach your child to blend sounds - an important part of reading that's missed in most programs.
  •  10 Page Story -  The mini lesson is followed by a 10 page story with beautiful illustrations and characters. The simple illustrations and the structure of the writing will help your child to avoid the bad habit of "looking and guessing" instead of reading.
  •  Parent Pack - Easy step by step instructions on how to teach your child using the Dash Into Reading program. It also includes special finger puppets of the ponies Dash and Dot to make reading even more engaging for your child. 
  •  Activity Pack - Each book has an activity pack that goes along with it. Supplement what you learn with your child in the Dash books with these beautiful and fun phonics games and activities. Purchased separately.
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Dash Into Learning will help your child to..
  •  Develop a love for reading! These are fun and engaging stories with beautiful illustrations! Each book builds upon what was learned in the last book, allowing your child to go at their own pace.
  •  Gain confidence and overcome the discouragement and frustration associated with other early reading programs. We NEVER ask the child to read a word or sound in the story they haven't already mastered. This builds confidence!
  •  Strengthen the bond that they have with you. With the lessons and fundamentals built into each book, all thats left is for you and your child to open the book and begin reading. 
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Dash Into Learning will help mothers to...
  • Effectively guide their children through the learning process. Each Dash Into Reading program comes with a "Parent Pack" with easy step-by-step instructions on how to teach your child. Proven methods and no more guesswork!
  •  Have more meaningful experiences with their children. We have stressed and obsessed over creating an effective reading program for children so that you don't have to! Everything your child needs to become a skilled and confident reader is carefully designed into each book. Simply open and go!
  •  Sleep well at night, knowing their child is developing the foundation skill of reading and loving it! Happy child happy mama. Creating a more effective and engaging reading experience for your child means less stress and anxiety for you.
Proof that Dash Into Learning has already changed the lives of thousands of mothers and children throughout the country!
Expert Approved
"Dash Into Learning is a parent friendly, simplistic approach to early reading instruction. The instruction is steeped in research-based principles and appropriately dependent on early childhood literacy development."

Anne C. Sharp
PhD Literacy Methods 

"I would highly recommend Dash Into Learning to parents who are motivated to work with their children. This program provides an overall introduction to phonics, the proper sounds, sound isolation, and sound blending. The pairing of the five-step lesson with the story provides for successful interactions with the sight words letters, sounds, and sound blending."

Christi Pilon
PhD Educational Curriculum

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Mama Approved

"...Just add me to the list of mamas who love this product."

“I recently introduced these @dashintorlearning books to my daughter and have been letting her read one of them each evening. And you know what? She LOVES to read these books. Literally begging me every day to let her read one more. She can obviously read at a higher level, but these are doing an AMAZING job at building her confidence back up. I bought these books because I kept seeing people on IG rave about how good they are, and I couldn’t resist their last sale! But y’all, they are so good! The illustrations are absolutely perfect, and I like that there’s an actual storyline in them (more interesting for me to listen to). So yep, just add me to the list of mamas who love this product. Not sponsored, just adore them!”

- Ashly 

"...I cannot stress enough how life changing these have been for my daughter."

"I have shared these books before and I cannot stress enough how life changing these have been for my daughter. What drew me in first was the beautiful illustrations. But what keeps me raving about these books is the structure of the writing. Each book gives a specific sight word and blending path that teach your child how to blend sounds. I have seen amazing improvement in how my daughter reads and she will read one of these books every single day with no complaints!"

- Kristi 

"Charlie is developing a love of reading!"

"Charlie is developing a love of reading! We really love the @dashintolearning books! Such darling illustrations."

- Ashley 

"The books and activity packs have been lifesavers."

“The books and activity packs from @dashintolearning have been lifesavers. Fun, hands-on, and easy to use!”

- Unknown 

"...I am loving our dash readers!"

“I am loving our dash readers! I am extremely impressed with the simplicity of this program and I especially love that the mini lessons are included in the front of each book. The pictures are so engaging that Ember is eager to start the next book even before she has quite mastered the last! Whoa there, girl! Not an advertisement, just sharing what is working for us!"

- Unknown

"...I love how simple they are."

“These books are so beautiful! My five year old daughter is learning to read and she is girly to the core. She can't get over how beautiful the dash books are. And I love how simple they are. Great work!"

- Rachel

"...Its very exciting to see her reading."

“Cecily started the second @dashintolearning book yesterday. She loves them so much and is excited to do her reading lessons even though phonics exercises are not her favorite. She’s getting it though, and it’s very exciting to see her reading. Reading has always been a huge part of my life. It’s a wonderful escape and a door to other worlds. I look forward to Cecily having that escape very soon!"

- Jasmine

"My daughters confidence soared when..."

“My search for beautiful, hold in your hand early phonics readers is over. This is totally not sponsored, I bought them with my hard earned $ and already feeling so worth it. We'd tried progressive phonics which are free! But reading on a device didn't work for us, so by the time I'd printed and bound the cost was getting up there, plus the illustrations were not doing it for me. I tried the library but there was nothing consistent. I looked at Jolly Phonics and then stumbled on @dashintolearning and the illustrations and simple stories tipped me over the edge! Inside the front of each book is a sounds and blending "lesson". I wanted to share for those of you also looking for an engaging, beautiful set of first readers. My kids were straight away pouring over the pictures and my daughter's confidence soared when she realized she could read the 1st two books."

- Becky 

"...I am amazed at how easy this little book made it for him."

“Royce has been telling me lately that he wants to read like mommy. Not just pretend, he actually wants to read like a big boy because he is four so we've been practicing with our @dashintolearning book and he's been doing so good. This is the first time he's actually read some words and I am amazed at how easy this little book made it for him.

- Dorian

"...After the first book, something clicked!"

"My daughter is a very very very reluctant reader. She is 6 years old and reading was something she didn't like to do. She likes me reading to her but when it's her turn, she keeps saying it's too hard or confusing. I didn't want to force her because maybe she wasn't ready. I saw your program on Instagram and thought that the books look so beautiful. We got them last week not expecting my daughter to even be interested. After the first book, something clicked! I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!"
- Tee 

"...These books are right at Madelyn's pace."

“It is no secret that Madelyn has struggled with Reading. She becomes easily frustrated and discouraged. We take it slow and at her pace. I stumbled across these books on Instagram and instantly fell in love. First because these books are so beautifully made. Second because these books are right at Madelyn’s pace. She is constantly pulling these out to look through and perfect. I make sure she reads and repeats the stories till she can easily read through the entire book.”
- Kristen 

"...she can already read the first few by herself..."

“Along with our preschool we are doing, I am using @dashintolearning for a reading program with Claire. We absolutely love it. The books are so darling and she can already read the first few by herself after just a couple of weeks of using it."

- Kami

"...As soon as she saw these she was so excited to start them..."

“Super excited for these beautiful books from @dashintolearning that arrived today! 
My first(ish) grader has been a bit reluctant when it comes to learning to read, so we've taken the last year off, and focused on other areas. As soon as she saw these she was so excited to start them, we barely had them out of the package before she was opening up the first one. Oh and did I mention they are adorable?? The illustrations and characters are perfect!"

- Heather

"...Dash Into Learning takes away all of the guesswork!"

"I have always been both a little excited and terrified to teach my daughter to read. Sure, we've got some phonics and very first reading book but how do you teach your child to actually read them? It's always been a little intimidating to me. Dash into Learning takes away all the guess work! I love the easy to follow lessons at the beginning of each book for you to work through with your child! Total genius! Coupled with the sweet art and touches that only a mother would think to include (hello, finger puppets!) now I can't wait to teach my daughter to read!! I cannot sing enough praises for these brilliant books!"

- Rachel

"We have a ton of phonics readers and rhyming books but this..."

“I got these books by Amelia Murdock a few weeks ago and I've been doing the book just as @dashintolearning has shown prior to page 1. I am amazed at how fast she’s picking it up. We have a ton of phonics readers and rhyming books but this is the fastest she’s picked up reading any words!"

- Loreene

"My daughter is SO looking forward to set 2!"

“My daughter is SO looking forward to step 2! She has improved so much since starting @dash into learning its unreal!

- Ashley

"...she was so surprised and proud of herself!"

“Hazel can READ!! She can read Book 1 from @dashintoreading all by herself! We have been working on some sight words and -at, -an word families here and there. I don’t think she really understood what she was learning at the time until she finished reading her first book and it all clicked! I will never forget that moment and the look on her face...she was so surprised and proud of herself! So thankful to homeschool...I don’t want to miss moments like these.”

- Lindsay

"Seriously, my 2 year old is eating them up..."

“We just got these books in the mail, and oh my goodness they are so wonderful and even better in person that I just had to share. These books come from @dashintolearning and it is a complete phonics program. The books have beautiful pictures and engaging, fun stories. Seriously, my 2 year old is eating them up. I can’t wait to share these with my little ones and to incorporate them into our learning time."

- Aubrey

"...My little man will be reading in no time."

“I was planning to use these for our Kindergarten school year, however I found this little guy sneaking a peek! I put them up on my shelf, where I keep my teaching resources (not their story books) and he saw them. We then found ourselves looking through the short lessons and trying to sound out each word. This was the first time, Jacob has ever tried reading entire sentences. Although his blending needs work, I felt so proud of him! I was impressed with his effort to sound out each letter and word that he came across. If I wasn't convinced before about @dashintolearning I definitely am now! My little man will be reading in no time. Thanks for creating such adorable and practical resources for homeschooling mamas like myself!”

- Kimberly
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